Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Listen... The Earth asks you to Awaken.


I have listened to the deep groan of the ancient land on which I live.
I have tasted her in her organic beauty.
I have smelt her soft lavender and eucalypt scent.
I have laid my hands upon her.
I have felt her vibrate between my toes in the grass.
I have pulsated along with her rhythm.
I have sat in silence with her.
I have cried with her.
I have rejoiced with her.
I have offered all that I am with her,
And she has released me...

Bright, hot energy flows within my spine, undulating and waking me from sleep. I feel it rise and greet my crown. I am filled with the ecstatic source until it over flows around me. I feel my energy shifting outside of the physical. I lay there unable to move as I am overwhelmed. When it eventually calms, it settles itself between my root and sacral. I am told this is my gift, for listening oh so intently every moment.

The above was written during a light meditative/trance state. I have been working with Earth for over a year now. While traveling through my shadow, my Earth, I slowly became grounded. In discovering the essence of Land I discovered the essence of self. Where I come from. I built a foundation of self. I understand myself & I know where I want to take myself spiritually. Experiencing a Kundalini awakening wasn't something I was expecting. We have all read stories of Kundalini going awry & causing havoc. At least I have. Having this energy awaken within me worried me immensely! What was I going to do? I only had a rudimentary understanding of what Kundalini was taught to me by my Reiki teacher. In the end I had to pull upon the strength I have built within myself to understand that truly this would not have occurred had I not been ready. I finally feel as though I am home.....

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