Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Crafts of the Witch

I thought I might do a post on some of the Witchy crafts I have done throughout the years. I really enjoy being able to put my little stamp on things that I use. My Witchy collection is a combination of bought products, things I have made or altered myself, commissioned artwork or artisan crafts - mostly from etsy!! Oh how I love that site!

This was my first attempt at sculpting with clay. I remember searching for weeks for a statue but I couldn't find one that I loved so I combined a few different elements of different statues that I liked into this one. I wanted to make it as simple a process as I could so I used air dry clay and loaded a moonstone inside her. She is a generic representation of Goddess energy.

I also made four small statues, again from air dry clay (knowing me I would start a fire if I placed them in the oven!) They represent to me different aspects of Goddess/Womanhood. During the time I made them I was delving into the Divine Feminine.

I've found working with clay is a really cathartic experience for me. Apart from the statue based upon Venus of Willendorf I sat in a light meditation and allowed the remaining three to be formed organically.

This is my eucalyptus wand. I found it on the ground after the tree had shed it's bark and lopped itself of some branches (as eucalypts do)

The tip is a beautifully shaped natural quartz point
and further down I placed an amethyst point. Compared to other wands

I have made this was the most simple but I absolutely adore it. It has a light energy and I use it mostly throughout spring and early summer rites.

I made this pentacle using left over decorative wooden stems and ribbon.I hot glued the five points together and wound the ribbon after it dried .

In the centre is a removable ammonite pendant that is wire wrapped with copper. I wasn't planning on making it but I hate seeing leftover craft supplies sitting around for too long lol.

It's one of my favorite craft projects I have done. Simple but effective.

My Book of Shadows has been upgraded as of Christmas (thanks to a surprise gift from my hubby Yay!) I'm now using a beautiful leather tome that I have transfered most of the info from this one on the left. This Book I made from a plain purple yearly planner. I removed the planners pages and inserted art paper binded with scrap booking posts. I used gold paint for the decoration as I love the colour of the gold with the natural colours of the ammonite (hot glued) in the centre. I am using it now for all my handwritten spells, rites, correspondances and recipes.

This is a meditation table I hade from one of the small tables that spin around. I painted it a deep purple - representing spirituality - and decorated it with a small pentacle incense burner I never used and wooden cut outs I found in the scrapbook isle at my local craft store.

I also made the table underneath (covered with cloth) which is an inexpensive plywood undecorated table. I painted it in a lighter purple with a silver triquetra in the centre.


  1. Your objects are beautiful. I too, craft, but they never come out quite like I was hoping. Yours are beautiful. Blessed be!

  2. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing; you've given me some good ideas to finally put that hot-glue gun into use :-)

  3. Beautiful items! I enjoy making crafts, too, but I am not all that artistically inclined... I love the inspiration here!

  4. Love the eucalyptus wand! So beautiful!

    Thank you for linking up to Pagan Pages Blog Hop!


  5. You remind me so much of me! I have had some input into all my ritual items, from the first robe that our group insisted was handmade to my stang which is well loved for being 'so you and so unique' it's got about twenty animals carved around it.

    I don't feel a tool is 'mine' until I've put something of myself into it, occasionally I find something for sale somewhere that draws me, but usually I have to add my own influence onto it in some way.

    I'm looking forward to seeing artwork from you as well as blog posts, When I work out how to post pictures I will be incorporating my art into my blog. Art is definitely my first love, writing comes second.

    The only thing I have up atm is my header which is my work.

    BB on your path.